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Borrowed Earth October 7, 2008

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With all of the modern conveniences today it is hard for some of us to imagine how our grandparents or even great grandparents were able to survive.  They can’t imagine a world without McDonald’s or Wal-Mart.  Where will this path that our nation is headed take us?  We have legalized harmful chemicals into our food supply, our cleaning supply, our homes, our transportation, especially our beauty products!  Despite what your dietary ideas are, there are some people out there that didn’t realize chickens had bones and skin thanks to Tyson.  Many people look through the meat department and are completely unaware of what kind of life those animals have led, let alone that they were animals at one time.  They don’t know what the animals have been subjected to.  Produce is quite similar.  How far away was that out of season produce shipped to be available year round.  What chemicals were sprayed on the fields, the plant, and the fruit?

I walked around oblivious to the notion that it was anything different from how I grew up.  Our grandparents cows and chickens grazed on the land.  They were our friends!  We tended to them, cared for them and loved them.  My mother grew an amazing garden.  We all worked hard to plant and care for the delicate sprouts of produce popping through the dirt.  We were greatful for the weather and for the food we were able to eat.  It was only until a couple of years ago that I watched a movie, titled the Rave Diet, that changed my perspective drastically.  I highly recommend you to read and watch anything related to factory farming.  It truly was an eye opener. 

We were so busy enjoying all our liberties and complaining about how expensive everything was without looking more so at the problem.  We are buying and consuming more than what we really need to.  Since dealing with out daughter’s health issues and being more aware of what goes on behind the scenes, our family has strived to be more aware of our actions and we try to change what we comfortably can.  Our ideals are evolving on a daily basis as we gain more knowledge on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.    Small change in big numbers can have a dramatic impact. 

The Native Americans believe that what happens today affects the next seven generations; that we borrow this Earth from our children.  This is so true.  I have experienced some emotional and spiritual growth over the last few years and my family and I have been striving to find small changes that work with our lifestyle and beliefs that reduce our footprint on Mother Earth.  I am going to post more about this further and hope that maybe us sharing our experiences through the internet we might inspire a few others to find their true Serenity!



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