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Black Friday December 3, 2008

How did you spend your day after Thanksgiving?  Were you surrounded by crazed shoppers willing to trample someone to death to get that unbelievable bargain at Wal-Mart? 

For the past two years now, we have opted to avoid the chaos.  This year was the most amazing yet…we met my husband’s extended family for the first time and on Black Friday, we were surrounded by people we Love dearly. 

Tim, Shawn, Jonathan, TJ, and Shian

We decided to go hiking on Green mountain and enjoyed the views…

Covered Bridge

We didn’t go shopping for our children to get some really cool flashy toys this year for Christmas, I know…I’m a bad parent and all…but we gave them memories instead…

TJ skipping rocks...

Jon and Shi

You can find more photos of our adventure in Alabama with Tim, Lindsey, and TJ here!

It may seem difficult to break habits, but please evaluate each choice you make.  How will you spend your next Black Friday?

Before I go, I have to recommend a wonderful reading…titled Good Will.  This is written by a dear friend of mine and her words touch my heart every time I read one of her amazing posts.  Please take a moment of your time and stop by her site.  She writes from the heart and this post truly brings things into perspective…


One Response to “Black Friday”

  1. waven Says:

    Hiya dread-girl. 🙂 Thanks for the mention in your latest post (so very kind). Glad all went well on your trip. And wonderful pictures…everyone looks great. I’m southerly now and got hit with a meme so I thought I’d pass it on. They’re kind of like chain-letters but more fun. 😉
    The instructions are simple: 1) think of “the most depressing song of all time, which we still love to hear”; 2) post a video and the lyrics (if applicable); and 3) tag three others to do the same.
    And, of course, feel perfectly free to ignore this if you like, no Meme Police will hunt you down. 😉

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