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Family Size Yogurt Maker September 18, 2009

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yogurt maker

I scored this brand new, never used beauty at a local church garage sale for a whopping $2.00!!!   I can’t tell you the excitement that was shared when I told the kids we were going to be able to try making our very own homemade yogurt (I’ve tried this in the past with the oven method, but didn’t have consistent results)! 

The kids and I anxiously ran home and began washing everything up.  ***This is very important, whenever you are making yogurt make sure all of the equipment is clean!!!***  Below is the instructions we followed that came with it.


Two quarts of milk—made from non-fat dry milk (following instructions per package) but use 1/3 Cup more than directed per quart.

Yogurt starter—2 heaping Tablespoons of plain yogurt with active cultures


Pour the milk into a pot and place on the stove.  Heat the milk on a low-medium flame stirring occassionally until it reaches approximately 110-120 degrees F

Heating Milk

Add the yogurt starter to one of the yogurt jars.  To this, add some of the heated milk and stir well.

mix well

Pour this mixture back into the pot of heated milk and stir well.

Pour the milk into the 5 serving hars, put the lids on securely and place in the yogurt maker.

wait 10 hours

Put the unit cover on the heater base and plug in.  In ten hours remove the hars and place them in the refrigerator.  Allow yogurt to cool for 3-4 hours BEFORE serving.  At that time you may add flavoring.

I followed this recipe to a T, and after about 14 hours of incubating it was still terribly runny.  I drained one jar into some cheesecloth in hopes of removing most of the whey to get some custard like yogurt, but perhaps I need to let it drain overnight?!  Aside from drinking our homemade yogurt, we absolutely loved the way it tasted!  We added 2 T Agave with 1 t Vanilla, and oh my goodness was it good.  We also added 4 t limeade concentrate to another one with some agave to sweeten and that was really good as well!  Oh the possibilities!  If only I could figure out how to get it to become more custard like.

Anyone out there make their own yogurt with success?  I’d love to hear about some tips to making ours thicker, or oh, using alternative milks.  We’ve tried soymilk and ricemilk in the past.  Soy kinda set up and rice did not.  😦

Have a wonderful day!!!


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7 Responses to “Family Size Yogurt Maker”

  1. niki Says:

    Lucky duck!

    I really really want one but haven’t had any luck finding a used one. My son is allergic to dairy so I buy him coconut milk yogurt which is VERY overpriced ($2.29 a cup). I want to make it but no luck yet…


  2. waven Says:

    Hmmm, I would try a thicker milk mixture to begin with or perhaps add some pectin or constarch to see if it would set up better (and neither should affect the taste). My two cents. Anyway, good to see you posting again!

  3. Kristin Says:

    My mom used to have one of those yogurt maker back in the late 70’s I do believe. We never had runny yogurt that I recall. Did the instructions tell you to start off with powdered milk? I’d think that you’d need to start off with a thicker base and maybe the powdered milk just doesn’t have consistency that’s needed. (but honestly – I’m just thinking out the problem. I don’t have any experience with this as an adult)

    Kristin -The Goat

  4. findingtrueserenity Says:

    Niki-coconut milk yogurt sounds sooo yummy! We love us some coconut milk! If one of us figures out how to make it turn out we’ll definetely have to share the recipe!

    Waven-Hey girl!!! Later, after reading the instructions booklet (It did mention using dry milk, not mentioning instant, and that I could add geletatin to it. I think I completely agree with you…need a thicker milk mixture to begin with. I’ll try your sugestions too on our next batch. Poor hubby walked in thinking I was working on an intense lab experiment! hehehee!

    Kristin-That’s awesome your mom made homade yogurt for you guys growing up! How fortunate for you! The instructions did say to use dry milk, which seemed a little odd to me as well, but I used instant dry milk and that could have been the issue as well!

    Thank you guys for such wonderful tips and comments! I can’t wait to try our next batch! 🙂

  5. Just stopping by! Did you get the runny yogurt figured out? I hope so. I was just wondering if the little incubators could be individually refrigerated?

  6. Jes Says:

    Hi K!

    We followed the advice on your blog with straining it a bit longer for a Greek Style yogurt! It worked like a charm…I don’t think the kids liked it quite that thick but now I just watch how much I strain it! 🙂 Adding a liquid sweetener helped smooth it out, as well, if I strained it too long! We’ve yet to make your frozen yogurt though…the regular gets eaten too quickly! hehehe!

    Thank you again for checking up on the progress. I love your blog! We’ve been making our own detergent, yogurt, and I can’t wait to try the new dog ear cleaner! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!


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