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Downsizing: Clearing out the extra “stuff” October 8, 2008

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My husband Shawn and I have been busy trying to clean up all of our extra “stuff.”  I have to admit I am a natural packrat!  I’m torn between getting rid of stuff and hanging onto it, especially when it comes to our kids.  I realize that for me it is just a mental hurdle I have to overcome and I know in my heart I will feel much better when we are down to what we really need.

Our family of four is currently living in a 951 sq. ft. home in town and are preparing to downsize to a home that is half that size on ten acres.  We want our children to grow in an environment that teaches them how to be sustainable and to respect and preserve our Creator’s gifts to us.  Yes, living more simply can involve more work, but no words can describe the gratification you feel afterwards like when you hear that “pop” from a jar you just finished canning!  It truly brings things into perspective. 

So, this week we have been working especially hard at creating a dent in all of our extras.  I feel so wonderful and free.  We have donated and freecycled items and now we are preparing for a garage sale for the remainder of it all.  We have been simplifying our lives, helping others, and extending the life of our things by keeping them out of the landfill.   What an amazing week.